The Greatest Game Ever Made

My Early Days as a Minecraft VeteranPermalink

I considered myself, just as PewDiePie, a Minecraft veteran. I have been playing since 2011, the first time I picked up the game at a friend’s house. In 2013 I bought the game for my new Xbox 360. I’d have friends come over and played litteral thousands of hours since then. In 2014, I believe, I bought the PC version, for my shitty laptop.

The Glory Days of Early MinecraftPermalink

Then, around 2015, I got a reasonably good laptop; not a great setup, but less shitty at least. I played MC for a while and stopped when the game started to die out. I rarely played, and when I did, it was purely ironical, just for the joke, usually with some friends. In those days, I started factions on servers and became a raid giant, staying long enough to see rival factions rise and fall.

The Rise of Minecraft’s PopularityPermalink

In 2018, the game started gaining popularity again: the annoying cringey kids moved onto Fortnite and the Minecraft community rose up again. That was the time I got back to it, reconnecting with old friends on servers and starting new adventures.

PewDiePie Reignites My PassionPermalink

This month, PewDiePie, the gaming lord and greatest YouTuber, started Gaming Week© and played Minecraft, initially as a joke. It became a series, he legitimately got hooked on the game, and all his fans love it also. Seeing his enthusiasm drew me back in as well.

Creating New Worlds with Friends, Old and NewPermalink

A friend of mine, that hadn’t bought the game yet, just bought it after seeing PewDiePie’s series. I created a server for us to play on and have been playing for a while now, rediscovering what makes Minecraft so endlessly creative and community building.

The Joy of Childlike CreativityPermalink

Though I may be 17, Minecraft allows me to access the childlike sense of wonder and creativity I had as a younger kid. While vanilla Minecraft has its limitations, modded gameplay truly sets the imagination free. Games that follow set patterns simply can’t match Minecraft’s endless possibilities for player-driven storytelling and world-building.

An Oasis of Freedom in a Scheduled WorldPermalink

After years playing within Minecraft’s gentle guidance but open-ended boundaries, structured games with set levels feel constrictive. In Minecraft, my island kingdom and its primitive technologies stand as a testament to what can emerge from simply placing one block in front of another. Minecraft fosters the kind of lifelong learning and problem-solving skills we’ll need to build our own path in an uncertain world.

A Place to Call HomePermalink

From the early days on Xbox to recent adventures with old friends, Minecraft has been a constant place to return to, a world that’s always changing but also comfortingly familiar. More than a game, it’s been a creative outlet, a social world, and at times even an escape. After a decade, it continues sparking imagination and bringing me joy in a way no other game can. For that, it will always be the greatest game ever made to me.